How did you even get here

This site exists in my own little corner on the internet at the time of this writing and if you’re reading this then I must be doing something right 🙂

Now that you are here let’s get started, my name is Mujtaba Nadeem and I am a student and lifelong learner on a mission. The main occupation I have kept for the majority of my life is being a student, from kindergarten to university. I kept going wherever the system took me and tried to navigate my way through like everyone else but I knew there was something more to be had.

The usual sciences & social studies classes in high school just didn’t cut it, my mind felt restless and just plain bored. High school was a rough time for moi but that’s ok because at least university is better right?


It was a better, I ‘ll admit that.

Perhaps I didn’t pick the most passionate major or my heart wasn’t in it. I was told that once you find your one thing then you just gotta go for it and eventually everything will even itself out. There was just one problem…………..I had too many things that I cared about. I know I’m not alone in that predicament but pretty much every advice was to learn to pick a few things and stick to em. Have a minimal life they said…..but why?

Why can’t I do everything and learn to my heart’s content?

Just as I was planning on going down a path of compromise I had a choice, keep going or try something different. The path of mediocrity will always be there, I can always fall back on it, but aiming for greatness takes real effort and focus that goes beyond. I have no idea whats gonna happen or how any of this will play out but I gotta try. It’s very possible that I may fall flat on my face or maybe….just maybe…I can unlock the path to everything I wanna do in life.

For me, learning is SERIOUS F**KING BUSINESS.

I pity the fool who doesn’t wanna learn. It doesn’t have to be book smarts/academics, it can be your sales skills or painting and beyond. Once you start learning what matters to you then I find that’s how you take your income and your life as a whole to a higher level. I don’t joke around when it comes to learning, it has the power to change your life and unlock deeper happiness. You just gotta find what matters and let me be clear, you can have lots of things that matter to you! Don’t pigeonhole yourself.

Currently, I’m obsessed with a wide variety of passions that include: Painting, writing, languages, math, programming, film-making, reading, rock climbing, swimming, etc. I could on a lot longer but then it would probably stretch half the page and I don’t want to waste your time:)

My big question was:  How do I unlock this same drive in others?

It eventually hit me after a while that I had to go back to the beginning, I have to teach people how to learn. Learning properly is the one skill that schools expect you to figure out along the way but hardly ever touch on the nitty-gritty of what goes into it. That’s f**king bullshit and if I could change the system then I would get some psychology thrown into the curriculum and help show kids and students what goes into their success. Since I’m, not some leader in the education system or want to go through the usual channels for enacting change, I’m gonna create this website instead.

If any student at any age wants to learn then I hope my website will be one of the first steps along the way. Let me be absolutely clear and get this out of the way from the very beginning, this is not direct self-improvement. I don’t care about your time management or how to help you build a better life through little hacks and tricks. I’ve lived through that world and it is just one large echo chamber after a while so I will spare you that headache of regurgitating information in that fashion.

What separates me from Tim Ferriss: Tim Ferriss is very leisure oriented and honestly after flipping through everything he has done, he’s also a bit expensive. Tim is great for those of you who already have some of your life put together and want to learn how to do more of what you enjoy. He would describe himself as an advanced practitioner of meta-learning which is his super skill. That’s kinda similar to what I do but the difference is that I do from the perspective of the hustle and those who cant afford some of the nicer things in life. I’m all about doing it for free or for as cheap as humanly possible, Tim likes to show how you can get things for considerably cheaper but it still usually costs more than what most students or people just starting out can afford. Remember folks, by the time Tim was deep into the author life he had already tasted money like 100K/month via his first product, BrainQuicken.

Most of us have not even come close to this type of earning potential/velocity of money in our lives. I will not be asking you to buy fancy products, Tim has a lovely shopping list of items that he suggests you look into for being able to cook your best in the 4-hour chef. If I remember correctly even his most basic setup, not including ingredients is $500 or so. To be fair to Tim, that’s still a phenomenal value to be able to learn cooking but the average person isn’t able to dish out on cooking supplies. I would teach you how to make the most out of the most basic utensils and supplies.

Tim is great when you have at least a little bit of your shit together and don’t mind spending money to getting things done. I love Tim and he was the first one to get me started and I hope to meet him one day, however….If you are truly the audience I’m aiming for then you likely cant follow everything he says.

What Separates me from Mark Manson, Donald Glover, Neil Strauss, etc: I call these guys social improvement artists. I will not be elaborating or expanding on that social improvement knowledgebase. My information will not be this general life philosophy/ social interactions style of content. I really don’t care whats up with your love life, go to somebody else for that one 🙂

Life advice or improving interactions is beyond the scope of this site. I know that many of you will likely come with the goal of learning how you can potentially improve your social game or soft skills and that’s fine but that content will not be provided by me. I will give you an outline or basic learning processes that can be applied to those areas but you will not be learning those things directly from me. I think there is already too much of this information out there and I will not be contributing to it.

What separates me from Pat Flynn, Michael Hyatt, etc: These guys are leadership, financial, corporate/business experts that show you how to step your game up in terms of your image and quality of life by the numbers and career path. I do share a little bit in common with these guys but the key difference is that I don’t care about your business. I want you to have valuable or profitable skills and passions that could potentially be fruitful for you but how to turn those skills into a business is not my concern. I just want to focus on that learning process and if you feel that you are ready to make money then you have my blessing. I will not be giving you a plan to build a business or have corporate objectives/goals, I just focus on the core passion behind all of it.

What separates me from Gary Vaynerchuk, Tony Robbins , etc: These guys are both CEOs who promote a message of changing your life and getting what you want. Gary is best known for his hard work philosophy and Tony really hits on the mindset required to shift your life into a more positive direction. Tony is really great for those who are really down on their luck and need to just alter the direction of their life as a whole. Gary is great for those who really want to take their life to the next level, higher happiness , income, skills , etc. I do have a bit of a similar motif to Gary but I’m no CEO and I’m not coming from the perspective of someone who made it. It’s more along the line of I share the same “get-it-done” approach and have very little patience for bullshit. I have next to nothing in common with Tony, I do care about mental health but not from the perspective of NLP(Neuro linguistic Programming). 

Those are the four categories that I think I need to identify and address immediately so there is no doubt that you aren’t getting something you’ve already seen over and over. 

By now I hope you understand that my objectives a little bit different and I don’t exist to build some silly blog. I want to real value to come across each and every one of your screens. I am picking the blog because it’s the most effective way of disseminating information in an orderly manner.

I have five sections on this site:

About: The page you are reading.

Downtime: Learning is not a non-stop 24-hour ride. Your brain needs rest and understanding how to build important downtime is critical for that process.

Learning: The bread and butter of this site. In this page, you will learn the strategies I feel will make you a better student and a lifelong learner. I will also be exploring passions and areas of interest under this section and optimal techniques I have found for the subject.

Brain: The engine that makes learning possible is your brain. I cant just write one or two blog posts to tell you everything there is to know. You gotta know all the aspects that go into taking care of your brain from the diet, exercise, stress, etc. If there is an entire field of study on it then quite frankly it deserves its own page.

Society: This is really more of a ramblings page for my views on the education system and how I think you can make your school/workplace a better environment.

(All content will be uploaded as soon as possible)

I hope you see by now that I just really wanna engage that learning/growth drive for anyone who is willing to lend me their ears or eyes. I’m not a rich guy myself, I haven’t made it yet but ever since taking my learning into my own hands…..I just feel happy as F**k. I want you to find ALL the areas of human knowledge you are fascinated by and giving you a process that you can apply to make it a part of your life.

K, that’s my little shpeal and I hope you enjoyed reading it and my message is a bit clearer now.

If you’ll excuse me I have like 130+ blog posts to write 🙂 so stay tuned!